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Drone Photography  in Hawaii

Hawaii Drone Photography

Aloha, my name is Eric Sterman. I am born and raised on the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Growing up by the world renowned surf break, Banzai Pipeline,  has given me a deep appreciation for the surfing lifestyle. I keep myself busy enjoying the many activities that O’ahu has to offer, such as surfing, diving, and hiking. This brought me into filming, because I wanted to share my experiences with friends and family. I Specialize in photographic/video captured via Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These multirotor’s or “drones” I use, bring a unique perspective to filming. To see more, just click on the Content tab and enjoy! 

Why use a drone for aerial photography?

Using a drone for aerial photography has many advantages over hiring a full-size aircraft:



  • Cheaper to build, maintain and operate, and these savings can be passed onto a client.
  • Better for the environment; they cause less noise and air pollution, and use significantly less fuel/energy.
  • Able to fly at much slower speeds and lower altitudes, enabling them to capture higher quality photo and video.
  • Capable of missions that would be dangerous or impossible for manned aircraft.


Gopro Hero4 and GH4 4k capabilites

We are unique filmakers based in Hawaii, Oahu. Using Cinema-Drones, we are able to achieve shots previously deamed impossible. Using Drones for what we believe is the best overall aerial experience and tools for capture.